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Hi, I’m Alec Jezewski. We are often asked: what is it that we actually do? Well, what we do is to organise how a shift operation runs so that it becomes self-contained. There are 12 steps in the process and these are: 1. We create the perfect shift pattern that works for you. 2. We analyse your workload so that the operation does what it is supposed to do 3. We set up a Holiday Management Plan so staff holidays are no longer a problem 4. We show you how we do it all so you can do it yourself in future 5. We show you how to run the shift pattern to make life easy for you and the staff 6. We organise cover for absences so they aren’t a problem 7. We make sure you can include training so you are future proofed 8. We set up the plans for a reward structure that works for everyone, the company and the staff 9. We organise the negotiations between you and the unions and staff 10. We set up the migration plan to move staff onto the new operation. 11. We set up new terms of employment 12. We are always available to give help and advice For more information, please give us a call.
Modelling shift operations just got easier!
Our shift scheduling course is about making your life easier. Giving you a better work/life balance, creating a perfect shift operation that meets your needs. The aim of the Shift Scheduling e-learning course is to provide you with the tools and techniques to implement an efficient shift operation. This course is aimed at shift managers who run a small operation. It is also applicable to HR, finance and operations managers who would like to know more about shift pattern design and managing shift scheduling. In Shift Scheduling you will find out how to calculate the number of shift workers you need for your operation, and how to design a shift pattern to match your workload and requirements. We will cover new techniques for covering vacations and absences. Show you how you can be a greener operation through using different procedures and improve your employee’s work/life balance.
Designing the right shift pattern is crucial for running an effective and efficient operation. That’s why for over 20 years C-Desk Technology has specialised in shift operations from concept through to implementation. Impacting on everyday life from minimising fatigue to improving work/life balance. We work with all industries, services and government agencies: from manufacturing to security, from Engineers to bankers, from hospitals to hotels. We can help you grow your business, bring down your costs, improve communication and coordination by designing more effective operations. Now imagine a flexible solution that can change as you change. Imagine a library that you can draw inspiration from to create your perfect solution today, and a better solution tomorrow! We also have over 250 shift patterns available in Excel, so you can just select the shift pattern that you would like. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect shift pattern.
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Imagine if you no longer had to spend hours each day planning your shift operation. What would your life be like then? No more stress, no more arguments as to whose turn it was to do each job. Wouldn’t life be easier? Then you could focus on the important things, like increasing efficiency, making new products or increasing profits. All the things a good manager should be focused on but can’t because they have to manage the shift pattern. All organisations running shifts have very similar problems, including: employing the correct number of staff with the right skill, accommodating annual leave and coping with absences. We work with organisations to set up mechanisms to calculate the right number of staff to match the workload. We set up procedures which allow all staff to take their holidays without disrupting the operation, and the means to cover and cope with expected and unexpected absences. We have combined our expert knowledge of shift pattern design and policies to create a comprehensive course intended to help managers tackle these issues.