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catching up on the latest news on shift working, over coffee. each aircraft had several pilots flying in shifts pharmaceutical manufacturing is a 24/365 business


If something stops the presses, it is very expensive. Therefore you need to know, that no matter what, you can publish on time. That is why we help newspaper operations to set up shift patterns and procedures to ensure they print on time, every time.


Aircraft productions is about, small batches, long lead-times and high overheads. Therefore it is important to get the maximum utilisations out of your equipment. Aircraft maintenance has a variable workload with highly skilled personnel. Therefore it is important to match the shift pattern to the workload.


Pharmaceuticals use batch production, with highly skilled personnel. They are a highly regulated industry where 100% compliance is mandatory. There is no room for error, and no room for failure. Our shift patterns and procedures ensure that the right people, with the right skills are always available, when needed.
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Ships arrive with the tide and leave with the tide. This means that ports have a limited window of opportunity, so they need a flexible shift operation. Their operation is entirely weather dependent. They need to bring people in when needed and send people home when not. This makes for a very interesting and complicated operation.


Food production is all about batch production and minimising wastage. It is a perishable commodity. You need to produce it when your supplies are in season. You need to distribute it according to your customers’ whims. You need flexibility and reliability from your schedule.


Energy is about continuous production and variable supply. Training is key in this industry as you need a high level of competence combined with continuous operation. Hence you need a shift pattern that can cope with a large number of skills and ensure that redundancy is built into the system at minimal expense.
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