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Consultants: Dr. Angela Moore Ph.D. Maths & Statistics Alec Jezewski B.Sc. Mech. Eng. & ran his own 24/365 operation for 15 years


Shift scheduling is about managing your personnel to be where you want them, when you want them. Every operation is unique and deserves a tailor made shift pattern. Your shift pattern should reflect the needs of the operation and the shift workers involved. We construct shift patterns to match our clients requirements. Our shift patterns are created alongside day-to-day management procedures to ensure that the operations will run effectively. Work/life balance Flexible resources Fatigue analysis Holiday management Training allowance

Creating a Shift Pattern

Most workloads are variable over time, either over the day, the week, or the year. This leads to your staff being either under or over resourced at times. Neither of which is desirable as both are very fatiguing, inefficient and expensive. We optimise shift patterns by making them operate to match a workload. We match the workload, look at procedures to ensure that the operation is flexible enough to cope with holidays, absences and ad-hoc workloads. Once a complete operation is designed we can help you implement it through discussions with higher management, reports and negotiations.

Business Health Check

Our Business Health Check package is aimed at any organisation that feel their current shift operation could be improved but don’t know where to start. This package includes an assessment of your current shift pattern plus a report and presentation. We will outline our conclusions, recommendation and migration strategy for introducing any proposals.



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Budgeting is about knowing how much the operation will cost and then sticking to it. We can tell you how many people you will need, what overtime hours will be required and how to manage your resources throughout the year effectively.

Resource Management

HRM is about managing people to get the best out of them. To do this you need to employ the right people, with the right skills, in the right numbers. We can tell you how many people your operation needs and how to deploy them effectively to maximise their productivity or optimise your operation.
budgeting for shift working using a calendar