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We help organisations assess their operations. We design tailor-made shift patterns and help managers implement them is the procedures to minimise the day-to-day management requirements. So do you want a more efficient shift operation?

Training Courses

Train managers in workload analysis, shift pattern design, shift operations management, and negotiating new shift operations. We offer company courses which are a two day workshop designed around the companies requirements. This is for 5 to 25 people including HR, line managers, finance, production, supervisors, QA, QC, SCM, and security. We also offer day seminars at various locations around the UK, for up to 25 people covering a range of topics including; Absence Management, Day-to-day operations, Annualised Hours and the WTD.


We provide our clients with innovative solutions that help improve the performance of their shift operation and increase profitability. Our services enable organisations to run an effective shift operation that can operate unhindered with contingency planning. We can set up a proactive holiday and absence management procedure that allow shift operations to run at optimum capacity. This allows the organisation to meet their strategic objectives through effective and efficient operations. Our aim is to save you time. Time you would have spent analysing your workload, time you would have spent creating the shift pattern. Time you would have spent covering for holidays and time you would have spent justifying your budget.


We write the only shift managers text books in the world. Our book How to Manage your Shift Pattern, sells all over the world. It tells you how to set up a shift pattern that managers itself. We have also written a range of ebooks to help you understand and implement various aspects of shift operations including fatigue, holidays and banked hours.


For any organisations using shifts regardless of size and complexity you need an easy to use reliable software to organise them. Hence we created and designed VisualrotaX. It is designed to help you create and manage your shift pattern. It operates in Excel and is stacked with features to make running your shift pattern effortless.
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Consultants: Dr. Angela Moore Ph.D. Maths & Statistics Alec Jezewski B.Sc. Mech. Eng. & ran his own 24/365 operation for 15 years