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What is management? The origin of management is to train, horses in particular where manage comes from the Latin Manus meaning hand. Yet today management has very different connotations. If you manage something, then you exert control over it. To manage a system or operation is to control it. So when we talk about managing holidays, absence etc. we mean that you control it.

Frustrating Lack of Consistency

If you do not have clear rules and procedures then it can be very frustrating for everyone. Take holidays for example. If everyone knows what the rules are, then they can abide by them.

Reduction in the Number of Tea Ladies

A tea break is a great for keeping you healthy and productive. Keeping yourself hydrated is another way of keeping yourself alert and reducing sickness. So reducing the number of “tea ladies” is a false economy. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to have a cup of tea. Hence having a person come along with a cup of tea regularly throughout your shift means that everyone spends the minimum amount of time away from their post while being more productive.

37.5 hour week

with 12-hour


Length of shift is independent of the working week.



How do you set up an alternative base of operations?
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Resistance to Change

False Economy

Contingency Planning

12-hour Shifts

Clear Rules & Procedures